Hello Neighbor is one of the many scary games that will keep you on your toes from the start to the end. Launched in May 04, 2017, Hello Neighbor take part in a suburban setting where you try to the secret in your neighbor basement. However, it won’t be easy as the previous scary games that you have played as the game is continuously trying to outwit you whenever you let your guard down.

The secret of Hello Neighbor appeal lies in its equally secretive Artificial Intelligence that try to learn your previous moves and comes out with new strategies to counter them and try to catch you.  There will be several obstacles and traps that lies along the way to hinder your movement. Similarly, you can use various items along the way to deter your furious neighbor from catching you.

As you progress along the game, it gets progressively harder every time you get caught. The constant feeling of you getting caught by your neighbor raise the stake higher every time you sneak around the house and trying to avoid your neighbor from finding and catching you. The best part is you will never get bored of the game as the setting always change depending on how you navigate around your neighbor house.

The most interesting about this game is you can make use of virtually everything that is in the house. Be it a lamp, cupboard or even a rope, you can use them to hinder doors, hide yourself in one of the ware robe or switch off the light to avoid detection from your neighbor. As you try to reach towards the basement, try to take note of your surroundings to work towards your goal.

The best part of the game is in its graphic. While the façade of the house doesn’t stand out, once you venture into the house, you will be awed by the details such as the peeling wallpapers and dripping goo inside the giant mansion.

Here are some screenshots from the game.




Click here to download a copy now if you are brave enough to find the secret in the your neighbor basement.



  • High Playability since you are trying to outsmart the AI.
  • Detailed Graphic that look realistic and vibrant on your screen.
  • Limited only by your imagination. There is no standard guide for this game.


  • Need a lot of patience as it is quite hard to reach the basement
  • Not for the weak hearted
  • You may get nightmare after playing the game